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We Are Outdoor Diversions

Here at Outdoor Diversions, we are both family guys who have learned that the best way to enjoy family outings is to be our best at all the outdoor games, sports, and activities we take part in. Aiming to be the best and have as much fun as possible each time we step outside has been a fun and zany way to learn many things and has allowed us to learn that we like FAR more activities than our initial beliefs!

Josh and Matt both decided to start this venture together after talking to each other for several months from half a country away.

Why not share everything we love about the outdoors with the rest of the world?

Matt Powell

The wheels immediately started turning in both our heads and we started Outdoor Diversions or OD for short.

It didn't take long before we had so many ideas for topics that it was only a matter of time before we would be able to reach the masses to help with all their Outdoor Diversions.

Outdoor Diversions Company is owned by Niche Profit Powerhouse and is a joint venture between two guys who love the outdoors. If you want more information about our company or what we do to build websites go to

Meet Our Founders

About Josh Koop

Josh is a tech guy that works a 9 to 5 and loves his family. He loves spending time with his family and also loves the outdoors. Anything from hiking to camping to backyard games, Josh has a passion for and he doesn't do things half-hearted.

I grew up in Washington and loved the cascades and over time and life I lost that connection with the outdoors. 

Josh Koop

His family shares in his passion and often goes on camping and hiking trips with him no matter what the weather. They are a true, tight-knit, outdoor family.

What Else Is Josh Working On?

If you want to check out more of Josh and his love for the outdoors, go check out NomadHiker to see one of Josh's passions in hiking.

Nomad Hiker is a site all about backpacking, thru-hiking and in general, getting out and away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

About Matt Powell

Matt also works for his family on rotating shifts. This affords him plenty of extra time during the week to take part in many outdoor activities. He has always had a love for technology but also loves the thrill of powersports and has tons of fun playing backyard games with his family and sports at his leisure.

After leaving the Air Force, Matt wanted to live the life he did while in the mountains of Utah, but sadly, on the east coast of North Carolina, it was a whole different outdoor type of life so he found out what he loved. He still has a love of snowboarding and is always getting into some kind of outdoors activity.

Snowboarding through trees
Matt is also a tech guy who loves things like 3D Printing and flying FPV drones but has always loves spending time with his family outside. From riding shotgun on ATVs to playing badminton, disc golf, jumping on trampolines, and more with his family, Matt's troop are outdoor enthusiasts as well.

What Else Is Matt Working On?

If you want to see more of what Matt is doing, then go have a look at Dirt Wheel Rider where Matt talks about everything offroad powersports from ATVs, UTVs, and dirt bikes to see just what we mean by a passion for the outdoors.

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