Footbag vs Hacky Sack: What one is better?

When I started to actually dig in and learn more than the circle game I grew up playing I started to learn about a wide variety of terminology that was at first somewhat confusing. Many sites will only use the term “footbag” and others will loosely change back and forth from Hacky Sack to footbag.

What is the difference between a footbag vs Hacky Sack? In purpose and play there is no difference though Hacky Sack is a trademark and footbag is a more generic term. Many have come to call panel based bags by the term of footbag and crocheted bags as a “Hacky Sack”. Much of this may have come about due to the trademark applied and not wanting to need to pay money to Wham-O.

Lets just jump in and explain the two specific terms in the way most people will refer to them, this will ensure you understand when people loosely use them. We will start by opening up on the term “Hacky Sack” and where it comes from.

What is a “Hacky Sack”?

This was the first term used back in the 80’s and was then acquired by Wham-O basically because they registered the trademark, this trademark meant you are unable to use the term without a prior agreement with Wham-O.

Many players of “Hacky Sack” are playing the circle game out with their friends using a crocheted bag which is generally kicked to other players in the circle and just about having a good time and relaxing.

Source: Bruce Johnson from Flicker

What is a Footbag?

The term footbag is related the the fact that a footbag is a small, round bag filled with sand or pellets.

This footbag is then designed to be kicked and played with and is a very descriptive name for the actual creation as it is technically a spherical beanbag.

Footbag is typically a more focused approach to the sport side of play with a lot of focus being on learning to control and master the movements of the footbag.

These players on the whole are far more serious and want a more reliable bag that plays the same each time they practice.

Final Thoughts on the Footbag vs Hacky Sack Difference

Hopefully this taught you more about the two different terms used in the game by players and their most common use. No one who plays will worry about which term you use though so don’t stress out with what term is right and get to juggling!

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