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Helping You Find Outdoor Activities That Allow You To Enjoy Life

Here at Outdoor Diversions, we are both family guys who have learned that the best way to enjoy family outings is to be our best at all the outdoor games, sports, and activities we take part in.

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How do we aim to help you?

We are always working to find new information, new sports, and get details on the gear to ensure you the best experience when you choose your personal outdoor diversion.
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We want to help you experience new diversions

While you while away the hours inside your cubical at work or at your job we want to provide you some inspiration for some perspiration. This way you have a way to let loose your frustrations while enjoying the summer light!
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Disc Golf Putting
HElping Locate The Right Gear

We aim to ensure you purchase the best gear at the right cost

Nothing is as irritating as looking to find what gear would work best for your given outdoor activity and to be told incorrect information. We will always provide options from the best in class to best in budget to ensure you can get the full experience at the right cost to fit your life.
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We Aim to be the most useful resource for outdoor diversions ever created

We love just enjoying life and the fun that comes from being outdoors, it isn't something enough people do anymore!
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Our Story
Both Matt and I have a passion about the outdoors, in slightly different styles but overall the same enjoyment. That is why this is a labor or love to help guide others towards their path to fun and excitement in the outdoors!
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We've shared our love and passion throughout this site to help you try to find your outdoor diversion

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