How Much Is Disc Golf: Disc Golf Cost Made Simple

Just like any other sport you are interested in and want to get into, you need to assess the cost of entering that sport. Disc golf is one of the lucky contenders in the sports world and has a very low barrier for entry when it comes to cost. Skill, on the other hand, takes a lot of practice to master when it comes to disc golf.

When I first started playing disc golf, I wanted to know how much is disc golf and how much it would cost me to even start playing and the answer I found was quite surprising.

For many fields you will be able to play for free, the only cost that will come to someone looking to begin play would be an investment into the disc(s) themselves. This cost could be as low as $20 and the top end discs can run you around $100+ but these aren’t needed to enjoy the sport.

Thats right, you don’t have to pay anything to play disc golf if you can borrow discs, hitch a ride, and find a public course that is free to play. Starter sets have all you need and are generally in the $40 range.

Disc golf can be completely free if you really want it to be but once you start playing, you will start to get the fever and want to go play all the time. That is kind of hard to do without your set of discs and a bag.

If you want to get a starter set of discs that has the basics for the game with drivers, mid ranges, putters, a marker, and a bag then Infinite Discs has what you need. You can also check out the selection of starter sets Amazon has available.

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How Much Does It Cost To Play Disc Golf?

I don’t need to break it down for you down to the letter because only you can determine what you really want to be able to enjoy your time out on the course. For me, I went to my local PlayItAgainSports and bought a driver, a mid range disc, and a putter for about $15 total and went out to my local course and started playing.

Again, it is completely up to you but you can go all out and buy brand new discs, bags, shoes, carts, and whatever else your heart desire to make you the baddest looking golfer on the course. 

Ball golf is a little different and requires you to have clubs, bags, and golf balls (you can rent both of these) and there is an initial or recurring cost, often a lot of cost. There are also greens fees associated with ball golf for keeping the greens, fairways, and other playing surfaces in good condition. 

Do You Have To Pay To Play Disc Golf?

As I said earlier, you don’t HAVE to pay anything to start playing disc golf. However, if you would like to enjoy the game then take a few tips from me and get these basic items to make your life a lot easier.

Get At Least 6 Discs

Why 6 discs? Most people actually recommend 9 discs so you can have one of each type, driver, mid range, and putter and then have a stable, overstable, and understable of each but you really only need 1 putter and you can skimp on a mid range in favor of cost of the extra discs. For all the information on disc stability check out this article.

Get A Disc Golf Bag

Carrying 6, 9, and especially 20 discs, like some players do, without a bag gets to be a very tedious affair and can cause cramps, soreness, and constantly dropped discs. A bag is essential for holding your discs but is also a great spot for a couple water bottles and a towel.

The first time I went to a disc golf course after my trip to PlayItAgainSports was a mess with only 3 discs, so do yourself a favor, and get a bag.

Get Some Good Shoes

Good shoes are crucial to having a good game and to traversing the course when retrieving your discs. You want to have the most comfortable and most grippy shoes you can get because you want good traction when teeing off. 

If you are a super great player, which I am not, then you don’t have to worry about walking over many stumps or digging your disc out of thorn bushes. Go ahead and get yourself a good pair of shoes, because chances are, no matter how great, you will end up having a disc somewhere you don’t want it.

good shoes needed for disc golf

How Much Does A Disc Golf Disc Cost?

Disc golf disc cost is a very subjective thing because it can depend on where you go. You can find disc golf discs on sale new for $5 or off sale for anywhere up to $35 depending on brand and disc type.

I got my Innova colt on a closeout sale at Academy Sports for only $5, which was a steal because I love that putter. I have bought a few discs from Infinite Discs as well and they run sales and have good prices as well. (Affiliate Link Above)

Disc Golf Courses: Pay To Play Or Free?

The time old question is whether or not to pay or to play on the free courses and the answer is, play on whatever you like. Take a look at the costs in the article linked below if you want a better look at the cost of disc golf courses and what people are willing to pay.

Do Disc Golf Courses Cost Money?

The simple answer to this question is, no, most of the time, but there are about 10-15% of courses out there that are pay to play. Free public courses are often not as well maintained as the pay to play courses and there are a lot of benefits to pay to play courses.

I have been to courses where the city doesn’t even mow at all and there are limbs and all kinds of obstacles blocking the baskets, causing some real headaches. Paying for disc golf courses is a great way to ensure that you will always have a nice course to play on because you are paying them to upkeep the course.

disc golf basket in the distance

Check out our article Are Disc Golf Courses Free? For all the costs related to disc golf courses.

Disc Golf Leagues: What To Expect

You can go ahead and plan on paying fees to get into a disc golf league and probably have to pay monthly fees as well. The good thing about the leagues and these fees is that they go to support the players by having tournaments and offering prizes to the winners. Some leagues even get together on a schedule to play or just have league meetings.

Can You Make Money From Playing Disc Golf?

Of course you can make money from playing disc golf but this requires you to play in tournaments and win. In order to do this, you must take it seriously and treat it like it is a real sport and put in the countless hours of work it takes to become a pro and make the real money.

If you are in this for fun, then don’t sweat it and just worry about beating out all your friends on the weekends for bragging rights. 

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My Favorite Discs

My Favorite Distance Driver –  Innova Shryke

My Favorite Fairway Driver – Dynamic Discs Escape

My Favorite Approach – Innova Shark

My Favorite Putter – Innova Colt

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