How to Break in Snowboard Boots at Home? 3 Easy Ways

Snowboarding requires great skill and balance while sliding on the snow. This means your boots must provide a strong grip over the board to slide comfortably without facing any unpleasant event. 

How to break in snowboard boots? You can break in your new snowboarding boots by using them inside your home for one to two weeks. In the case of stiff material, using a heat molding machine will make the liner according to the shape of your feet. Or, you need to ride in these boots for actual snowboarding to make them adaptable to your feet. 

Here, we will discuss all the possible solutions that help you to break into your snowboarding shoes perfectly. We will also discuss how to select the perfect boots for snowboarding. So, stay with us.

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How to Break in Snowboard Boots at home?

How to Break in Snowboard Boots at home

When buying new snowboarding boots, people often complain about the hardness of the boots. They face such issues if they buy the perfect size that doesn’t spare any space for excellent control. This means your boots need to expand before you wear them without any issues. This is called the break-in period before finally your boots snuggle fit with the feet.

The first question that arises in mind is why snowboarding shoes hurt the feet in the beginning. This is because every snowboarding boot will expand after some time. So, one must go for a size that snugly fits, even in case it feels too tight around the ankle or the toes. If you go for a large size, then after expanding, it will become loose. This expansion gives you less grip during snowboarding. 

So, you have to experience the break-in period to be comfortable with whatever brand you choose for these boots. Here, we will help you in making this phase easy or short. Let’s see every possible option about how to break in snowboarding boots:

1. Heat Molding 

Instead of buying low-quality or soft boots, you need to invest in high-end yet stiff boots. This way,  you can break into stiff boots with the help of the heat molding method. 

There are many brands in the market that are selling these boots with the inner lining to provide enough support. So, you can check the instructions of the manufacturer regarding the molding feature. If the liners are moldable, then you can apply this method. Otherwise, the heat can break the liner or damage its structure.

But what is the heat molding method? Heat molding is the process of heating the inner liner of the boots for some minutes. Then, boot fitters place the liner back inside to wear the boots to expand them according to the feet. When you wear the boots after heat molding, you need to stand straight for around 15 minutes. This way, you can put enough pressure on the footbed and allow the boots to reshape to fit your feet perfectly.

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2. Routine Wear

Another effective way to break in your boots is by wearing them routinely, like at home or at a park for a walk. I know it may sound weird to use snowboarding boots in a routine. But believe me, this trick works well with most of the brands. So, you don’t have to bear pain during the actual snowboarding experience. 

Remember to choose soft yet thin socks, as they will put little pressure on the foot while wearing the boots. This will not hinder blood circulation and keep the feet dry which prevents blisters. You need to continue this practice for some days, 1 to 2 weeks, to be comfortable with them. 

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3. Actual Riding Experience

In certain cases, the boots don’t break in unless you actually wear them for snowboarding. The hardness of the liner or the external material remains uneffaced by the use of heat mold. 

Moreover, wearing these shoes at home also keeps them stiff.  So, the last thing you must consider is using them for the real purpose which is snowboarding. Make sure to wear enough safety gear to avoid any accidents. Moreover, keep warm yet soft socks to wear with new stiff shoes. 

Within 1 or 2 days, many people experienced that the boots became soft. They became comfortable to wear without hurting the toes or suppressing the ankle. Remember to put enough pressure on the toe edge for around 20-30 seconds in the beginning, and then put pressure on the heel edge by pushing back your feet. This way, you will speed up the process of breaking into your boots. 

How long does it take to break in snowboard boots?

The amount of time it takes to break in snowboard boots varies depending on the brand, model, and stiffness of the boot, as well as the individual rider’s foot shape and riding style. In general, however, it takes most riders between 5 and 10 hours of riding to break in their snowboard boots.

Some riders may find that their boots break in more quickly if they wear them around the house or yard for a few days before taking them out on the mountain. Others may find that they need to take their boots to a professional boot fitter to have them stretched or molded to their feet.

Choosing the Right Snowboarding Boots

Selection of the perfect snowboarding will make them comfortable to wear, and you can break into them quickly. That is why we have highlighted some tips that will help you in making the perfect decision for these boots.

  • Check the specialty of different boots, whether they are designed for narrow feet or wide. Make a selection depending on your foot.
  • Choose a size that feels tight around the toes, as the break-in process will make them comfortable.
  • Your toes must touch the inside front when you stand straight. Don’t go for bigger sizes as the boots will lose more with usage and will result in less control during snowboarding. 
  • The size that you have for other types of shoes does not mean the same size will apply to snowboarding boots. You need to find the right size by actually wearing them. 
  • Focus on your personal requirements rather than just following the trends or trying only popular brands. Some boots may fit well for others, while you may find them really uncomfortable.

Maintenance Tips for Snowboarding Boots

The maintenance of snowboarding boots is a must to increase their useful life span. So, we have highlighted all the necessary guidelines that you must follow:

  • After each use, you need to keep them dry from the inside and outside of the boots. You can dry the outside surface by just putting the shoes under sunlight. But you need to remove the moisture from the inside as well. For this purpose, you can get help from a boot dryer.
  • In the absence of a boot dryer, one can simply remove the inside liner of the boots. Put it under a warm place to dry on its own. But this thing will take time as compared to using a boot dryer.
  • Clean the upper side of the boots with a damp cloth or follow the instructions mentioned by the manufacturing brand. 
  • After the inside is completely dry, you must put dryer sheets to keep them odor-free. 

Now, your boots are ready to be kept safely in your closet for next time usage. 

FAQs About how to break in snowboard boots:

What type of socks are best to wear for too-tight snowboarding shoes?

Usually, people wear warm socks to walk around the snow while snowboarding. But in case of too-tight snowboard shoes, it is recommended to wear thin socks. Thin socks will also allow better circulation towards your feet by allowing more room. This way, your feet will remain warm.

Can I heat mold my snowboard boots by myself?

No, it is not recommended to mold your snowboard shoes by applying heat by yourself. One must go to professional boot fitters to get the job done in the right manner. This way, your feet will break in perfectly by making the shoe liners according to your feet’ shape. 

Why do my snowboard shoes make my feet numb?

Numbing feet may be due to fastening the straps around the foot top too tightly. This usually occurs when you are wearing big-sized shoes. So, to snuggle the feet perfectly in, people often tie the laces too tight. This way, the blood vessels get compressed with pressure, causing numbing of the feet due to the blockage of blood circulation.

How long will my snowboard shoes take to break in comfortably?

People usually experience that breaking in requires a few days by wearing the shoe at home to make them comfortable. But, there is no fixed duration of days that will tell that your shoes will become soft or comfortable. This time varies from brand to brand as every model has its own features and stiffness. Moreover, it also depends upon the type of liner that your shoes have.

Bottom Line

Snowboarding is an adventurous activity that needs proper safety gear, including the right-sized boots. But many people complain about the stiffness of new snowboarding boots when they buy the right-sized boots. To make them comfortable or to mold them according to your foot shape, you need to choose the right way. After reading this article, you get the answer to your question about how to break in snowboard boots, as we have mentioned all the possible solutions to deal with this temporary issue. 

Remember to invest in good quality boots for snowboarding, as safety depends majorly on the grip that is provided by the boots. So, go for a size that is perfectly according to your feet despite how hard you feel hardness.