How to Set up Spikeball and Play?

Learning how to properly set up your game of Spikeball, including making sure the net is fitting properly, can take a little time and skill. You want to make sure that it is on stable, flat ground and that the net provides ample bounce on hits to allow for serves and returns.

Steps To Setup Your Spikeball Game:

  1. Find the Right Location
    1. Clear of Debris
    2. Flat and Uniform
  2. Building Your Net
    1. Slide Rims Into Leg Pieces
    2. Pre-Attaching Your Net
    3. Tensioning Your Net
  3. Ensure Balls Properly Inflated

Steps to assemble are only the first thing in properly setting up the Spikeball set for playing. Finding the best open area that is going to give good play is your first priority in setting up your field to play.

Find The Right Location

When you want to play a match you want to spend some time choosing the correct area to set it up, while it may seem like any spot would work making an even playing field is important to a sport. You want to find the most level spot you can, without any serious obstructions or tripping hazards to make sure everyone can run without concern.

This is why sports like football, soccer, and baseball have dedicated and managed fields that ensure proper conditions for the sport to be played. This is why you want to spend the proper amount of time in setup to ensure that the field of play is viable for both teams and that nothing can impact the play of the game.

Building Your Net

  1. Slide Rims Into Leg Pieces – With the set this section is just to grab a leg and insert a rim, then follow with the next leg and next rim piece until assembled.
  2. Pre-Attaching Your Net – To hook on your net you need to go over the top and under to the hook. You want to choose four points to connect first to get the initial placement started and ensure a balanced tension.
  3. Tensioning Your Net – After you get these initial four spots to lock on you will proceed around the circle to attach each part of the net to one of the locks on the rim.

YouTube Video – How to Set up Spikeball
Good video from Spikeball on the assembly of the net

Ensure Proper Inflation Of Balls

A typical ball used in Spikeball will be a rubbery, yellow ball about 12″ in circumference which is air-filled and light to carry. The outer shell has marking on it which resembles other sports balls, to help gain grip and allow for control while hitting when used correctly.

Since the balls are filled with air they will typically deflate a little between play sessions when being stored, so your first goal should be to check them for proper inflation for play. If you are new to Spikeball and are looking for better ball handling then you will want to be on the lower, or less inflated, side for easier play.

Inflation should be to the 12″ circumference and not always to an air pressure reading, this is why the Spikeball Pro pack comes with an easy to use check ring which you run the ball through for proper inflation and helps ensure you are ready to play.

How Do You Play Spikeball?

This part is the simplest thing, a team (player) starts a point by serving their ball down onto the Spikeball net so it bounces up at his opponents.

The returning team and players have up to 3 hits between them similar to volleyball with bump, set, and spike being typical with the goal to return the ball back onto the net and the other team.

The rally continues until a team can’t return the ball onto the net within their three touches.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to make an equal match before the play even starts is the way a quality setup needs to be done, managing to assemble the equipment and to ensure the balls are properly set up to play are very important to the quality of the game.

I do hope that this has helped you learn a little more about how you need to prepare for the games and I hope you are enjoying the gameplay! Keep coming back to learn more about Spikeball and other Outdoor Diversions as we are always adding into our coverage of outdoor games!

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How to Set up Spikeball: Proper Field Setup