How To Winterize a Trampoline To Survive The Offseason

For many leading into the first winter after purchasing a trampoline you will never have even thought about how to handle your trampoline during the downtime of the year. Then the panic may build when you realize you don’t know what you should do to protect it from the cold and or other extreme temperatures, you definitely don’t want this to break!

How To Winterize a Trampoline in 4 Steps:

  1. Remove All Pads – Clean completely and then store in a clean dry place in your home through the winter.
  2. Remove All Netting – Similar to above but you want to remove and store through the winter.
  3. Clean Off Snow Accumulation ASAP – The weight of the snow can cause issues with spring deformation.
  4. Purchase / Install Cover – This keeps the mat clean and ready for use while protecting it from the elements.

These four steps will cover all the main winterization steps which will allow you to be properly prepared for safe storage. Since we now have your trampoline prepped we can discuss why you would want to prep your trampoline for winter and why this can save you a lot of headaches.

What is Winterization?

Winterization is the process of preparing an item for the harsh winter elements, most typically this will mean preparing items to survive through snow and extreme cold. For most, this process will be a pretty fast setup and organization along with management for long term storage of some of the equipment indoors through the bad weather.

What is Trampoline Winter Care?

What winter care is for a trampoline owner is to move inside the parts of a trampoline which will be permanently damaged by extreme cold, rain, and snow. Then for the parts which will stay outside through the winter, you set up the trampoline and area with care and concern aimed at taking care of these through the winter period.

Can a Trampoline Stay Out in Winter?

For most families, they may leave these trampolines sitting idle in the backyard through the winter without a second thought as to protect them. For many parts of the country with less vicious winters, this may even not be a problem at all, but that is not a majority of owners.

Leaving out a trampoline though means going through the steps to winterize it to make sure it is ready for storing. This would including the removal of all the pads and nets. Then you want to add your trampoline cover and keep watch over the winter to clean off the snow as it accumulates on the mat.

Should You Disassemble Your Trampoline in Winter?

It is always best if you could fully disassemble the trampoline before the end of the fall months, this allows for storage in a nice controlled area inside the house. This is most the time what the vendor’s information will show, it is just a lot of hours and effort, most realize the trade-off and choose instead to leave fully built and just winterized.

trampoline on the back porch ready to be jumped in - How To Winterize a Trampoline
Depending on your winters this may not be a huge ordeal

Do I Need a Trampoline Cover in Winter?

While many people may think this is an unnecessary expense for their trampoline, but they are one which makes sure your mat and trampoline have overall weather protect and element protection. This is a small cost when you look at it as something which elongates the life of your trampoline and allows for you to get maximum value from it.

Final Thoughts

While there is less to this than many of you thought I wanted to help make sure you understood the steps which will help you get through the winter. The first time is the hardest as you are learning and next year you won’t even need to read anything about this and will do it simple and easy.

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