What to Wear When Snowmobiling? (4 Essential Things)

Skiing or snowmobiling is a fun activity that people love to enjoy in the winter with their friends and family. This entertaining ride needs proper safety measures to ensure that the rider can safely move on the snow terrain without getting any injury. Among various security requirements, dressing matters a lot in keeping the body warm while driving snowmobiles.

What to wear when snowmobiling? The best thing to wear to be safe while riding snowmobiles is the use of such warm clothes that come with insulation that keeps the heat of the body within the clothing and keeps the inside dry by providing protection against moisture. Furthermore, proper gloves, goggles, helmets, etc., are necessary to add to have foolproof security.

Here, in this article, we will see all the possible dress options that are best to wear during snowmobiling and the importance of having proper dress codes while riding such vehicles in detail. So, stay with us.

What to Wear When Snowmobiling in Winter

Clothing matters a lot while enjoying this winter sport, as the low temperature can cause serious injuries and harm to proper body functioning if a rider does not wear a proper dress code. So, we have highlighted all the things that every rider needs to consider to have a safe yet entertaining riding experience. 

1. Inner Wear

The first thing that will cover the body is the innerwear items. The heat of the body remains inside because of these clothing items, so one must go for extra warm options. The following are the things that come under this category:

Long underwear Top and Bottom

The innerwear must be made of warm materials like polyester or synthetic blend. Such materials are best to keep the skin free from moisture by drying out perspiration. Remember to select proper sizes for innerwear, as too tight or loose pieces cannot provide enough protection. 

In case of tight underwear, you cannot move your body freely, which can hinder handling the snowmobile properly. Or, too loose top or bottom doesn’t provide enough protection against cold. Also, try to keep some extra inner wear in case of a further drop in temperature levels.

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Socks are a must to keep your feet warm while riding in snow. One must try to choose cozy socks that are made from wool, fleece, nylon polypropylene, etc. Don’t go for cotton socks as they are not warm enough to wear in snowfall. In case it’s too cold, you can wear a double pair of socks. 

2. Dressing Pieces

The following are the visible parts of your dress code, so make sure it looks pleasing to the eyes and provides you with a cozy feeling with its warm texture. Moreover, all these things must be made of moisture-resistant materials that protect against the chilly wind. This includes the following things:

Fleece jacket and pants

The fabric of the jacket and pants must be slippery to repel snow and keep the inside dry. Furthermore, the inner lining must be made of warm fabric like fleece or wool to provide a warm feeling. Try to have such jackets that come along with wrist gaiters and a hood as these things will provide extra protection against wind.

Wool Sweater or Vest

This is an additional piece that keeps the chest warm more, where you will face direct cool air during the ride. Any type of sweater goes well with the dress. However, try to select one that has a thicker texture with a warm inner lining of fleece. 

3. Boots

Always invest in having boots that are waterproof; otherwise, the feet will get wet with the snow. The outer layer of the shoes must be slippery enough to remove the snow easily. Avoid using simple leather shoes as they are not waterproof. Choose a pair of shoes that are made from various materials. 

They have a water-resistant upper layer, and the inside layer is made of soft cushioning material like wool or fleece. Remember to choose shoes that are breathable to avoid sweating on the feet during snowmobiling. Moreover, prefer such boosts that come with laces. The laces of the boots provide enough grip and keep the feet in their place on the snowmobile. 

4. Other Necessary Safety Items

Just like inner and insulated wear, one must pay extra attention to the other things that are part of safety gear. All the items have some purpose and save a person from all the serious injuries. So, along with clothing, one must invest resources in having high-quality safety gear. Let’s see what comes under this category one by one: 


When riding a bike, one must keep the head covered by using a helmet. The same thing applies to snowmobiling. Wearing a helmet is not an option; rather, it is a must part of every dress code because many cases are reported where people get serious injuries in case of slippage resulting in death. 

Make sure to invest in having high-quality helmets that provide enough cushioning by the inside soft lining with the hard outer layer. Remember to wear the helmet tightly by fastening the straps firmly underneath your chin. Moreover, the head should be snuggled in perfectly so that in case of an accident, it will not be removed from the head. 


The flying debris during snowmobiling can get into the eyes, which can cause allergies or reduce vision. So this thing can result in serious accidents. So, to avoid this thing, one must add goggles to the dress code. You can choose the shades in various colors like rose, green, blue, yellow, etc., depending upon your personal choice. Remember to choose such goggles that work fine in both sunlight and cloudy days. 


Just like socks, helmets, and other items, gloves are also important to keep the hands warm and to prevent frostbite. Otherwise, freezing hands mean lesser control over the snowmobile. Along with warmness, one must go for gloves that are also water resistant. This thing will keep the inside dry even in case of snowfall. 

So it is easier to have a strong grip on the ride. With an insulated outer layer, choose gloves that have a wool lining from the inside. Such double layering will give multiple benefits by keeping the hands warm while keeping moisture away. Remember to choose such a glove whose outer layer is not slippery, as this thing hinders having full control over the snowmobile. 

Face Mask

Frostbites are common on the face along with the hands in case of staying for too long in the snow. So, one must take proper measures to prevent hands and face to keep the skin’s blood vessels from getting frozen. So, along with gloves, one must protect the face with a face mask or, you can say, balaclava. It covers the head and the lower part of the face and keeps it warm. Remember to choose masks that are also breathable to keep the goggles free from fog while breathing. 

FAQ About what to wear when snowmobiling

Q: Why is Proper Dress a Must for Snowmobiling?

Due to the following reasons, proper protective clothing is a must part of riding snowmobiles:

  • Wearing light or cotton clothes can cause frostbite or hypothermia.
  • In case of slippage, serious injuries may occur to the head or hands in the absence of a helmet and gloves.
  • The absence of goggles may impair vision due to debris.
  • No protection against moisture can cause a freeze of blood vessels and can impair body functioning.

Q: What Shoes are Best to Wear for Snowmobiling?

One must go for wool, fleece, or synthetic boots to wear while riding snowmobiles to keep the feet warm. The outer layer of the shoes must be moisture-resistant to repel snow. Moreover, they must be breathable to avoid sweating and keep feet dry. The inner pad must provide enough cushioning to keep the feet comfortable while riding. 

Q: What type of material is a Must to avoid having your Dress Code?

Cotton is not a good option to consider, whether it is related to socks or the inner-wear. It absorbs moisture, so don’t keep the body dry, which is a must to maintain its temperature. Furthermore, it cannot prevent frostbite and also can numb the feet or body parts by not maintaining the warmth of the body. So, one must look for other material options when riding snowmobiles. 

Bottom Line

Snowmobiling gives everyone an experience that nobody can forget because of the thrilling ride and moving across the snow terrain smoothly. However, this activity requires proper clothing to keep the body safe from cold weather and other possible injuries. After reading this article, now you are clear about what to wear when snowmobiling.

 Remember to choose only reliable clothing brands to complete all the items of your dress code. You can check the reviews of different stores to check the effectiveness of its products in providing safety while riding snowmobiles.