5 Best Bocce Ball Sets For 2023

Do you love to play bocce ball? Bocce balls can be a great game for playing with your friends or family for some bonding time and enhancing your mood. Yet, before any of that fun can begin it is important to have a good, solid bocce balls set, one that will provide you the durable, fun play and stand the test of time. Thus, which bocce set should you get?

If you want to know which set you should get and what sets the standard of a good set of bocce ball, read and discover the list of these top 10 best Bocce Ball sets in 2023 below in order to make your next wise purchase.

5 Best Bocce Ball Set in 2023

The 5 best professional bocce ball set are GoSports 100mm Regulations Bocce Set, AmazonBasics 100 Millimeter Bocce, Triumph Competition 100mm Resin, Franklin Sports Bocce Set and Perfetta Club Pro solid.

So discuss these one by one.

1. GoSports 100mm Regulations Bocce Set

GoSports is a large manufacturer of many higher quality game sets online. I love the look and the fact that the set is almost 20 lbs means it is very well aligned with regulations.

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Benefits To The GoSports 100mm Regulations Bocce Set

Great Style And Quality – Many people have exclaimed that the balls look and feel good. They don’t feel cheap, have a solidness to them.

Carrying Case – Nice quality carrying case which features dividers to ensure the balls don’t hit each other in transit.

Drawbacks To The GoSports 100mm Regulations Bocce Set

Balls Not Scuff Proof – Many said impacts with solid objects will scuff balls easily and leave a white mark.

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2. AmazonBasics 100 Millimeter Bocce Ball Set

Enjoy quintessential summertime fun with this AmazonBasics bocce ball set. One of the oldest forms of lawn bowling, the relaxing yet strategic game invites players of all ages and skill levels to participate. From family time to socializing with friends and neighbors, the bocce ball set has a way of bringing people together.

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Benefits To The AmazonBasics 100 Millimeter Bocce Ball Set

Resin Balls – Nice feel in the hand and easy to toss

Valuable Product For The Price – Bocce balls seem solid, roll fine, look great. There

Drawbacks To The AmazonBasics 100 Millimeter Bocce Ball Set

Balls Chip – Appears some shipments have balls which chipped fast so you want to check and test them out within return period.

Carrying Case – Looks like most had issues with weak stitching and handles, balls able to move and clack together

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3. Triumph Competition 100mm Resin Bocce Ball Set

Add this easy-to-learn game to your outdoor collection. When the jack ball (the white ball/palino) is tossed onto the playing surface, the game has begun! In one hand, toss/roll/bounce your bocce balls. The object is to get your balls closest to the jack ball, and to make sure your opponent is not successful at doing the same.

This Triumph Competition set includes a 50mm jack, eight 100mm resin bocce balls (4 balls each for two teams in red and black colors). Take the excitement of bocce ball with you wherever you go using the convenient carrying bag. This is a terrific game for your own backyard, the beach, or at the local park. All game pieces wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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Benefits To The Triumph Competition 100mm Resin Bocce Ball Set

Durable – People mentioned barely small scuffs when accidentally landed on concrete.

High Quality – Very well to perfect balance, beautiful craftsmanship

Drawbacks To The Triumph Competition 100mm Resin Bocce Ball Set

Weak carrying case – Most people reported issues with the case and used extra cardboard to firm it up.

Experience Water and Sun Washing – If left out in the sun or in rain for long periods the balls started to lose coloring.

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4. Franklin Sports Bocce Set

The advanced bocce set comes complete with eight bocce balls in four colors which includes the 50 mm scoring pallino so you have everything you need in one set. The set has an all-weather resin construction which helps to ensure that you can have fun playing bocce, rain or shine, year after year!

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Benefits To The Franklin Sports Bocce Set

Love the Look and Feel – A highlight is the overall look and feel for the balls and that they feel hefty but not too bad even for little kids.

Drawbacks To The Franklin Sports Bocce Set

No Carrying Bag – There is no solution included to take these with you, you have to purchase separately.

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5. Perfetta Club Pro solid Bocce Set

These are the real deal, made in Italy by the official supplier to the world bocce champs for more than 20 years! Features a US Bocce Federation and International Bocce federation regulation size 107mm balls Solid color and 50mm white pallina target ball.

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Benefits To The Perfetta Club Pro Solid Bocce Set

Amazing 10 Year Warranty – Most the competition has a 30-day workmanship warranty and these come with a 10 year coverage period!

Vibrant Colored Balls – Strong and high-quality coloring is used which lasts through all types of conditions.

Drawbacks To The Perfetta Club Pro Solid Bocce Set

Bag Cheap Feel/Quality – As a going trend for most the sets the bag got a lot of grief from basically everyone and that it is “serviceable”

No Tape Measure – If you don’t already own one you will need to order a way to measure the distance from the pallino to use these balls effectively.

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Red and blue Bocce Ball Sets

How much does a bocce ball weigh?

The weight of a bocce ball is standardized by the International Bocce Federation (FIB). The official weight of a bocce ball is 2.03 pounds (920 grams) and the diameter is 4.2 inches (107 mm). However, there are also bocce balls available for children and families that weigh less, typically around 1 pound (450 grams).

What is the best size bocce ball set to buy?

The best size bocce ball set to buy depends on a few factors, including the age and skill level of the players, the size of the playing area, and your personal preference.

For beginners and children, it is generally recommended to start with a set of smaller bocce balls. These balls are easier to control and throw, and they are also less likely to cause injury if they hit someone.

For more experienced players and for playing on larger courts, you may want to consider a set of larger bocce balls. These balls will travel further and are better suited for competitive play.

Here is a general guide to the different size bocce ball sets and who they are best suited for:

  • 90mm bocce ball sets: These are the smallest and lightest bocce balls available. They are ideal for beginners, children, and people with smaller hands.
  • 100mm bocce ball sets: These are a good all-around size bocce ball set. They are suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.
  • 107mm bocce ball sets: These are the largest and heaviest bocce balls available. They are ideal for experienced players and for playing on larger courts.

Final Thoughts About 5 Best Bocce Ball Sets in 2023

These sets were among some highest-selling and rated bocce sets available on Amazon, this allows them to get to you within 2 days with Amazon Prime. If you want to have a good time and learn how to play I would suggest starting with a lower cost set, once you know you love the game and will play frequently then I would suggest investing in a quality set like The Perfetta Club Pro.

Bocce is a game that is awesome for a husband and wife to play together, if you have kids it is a perfect game to play with them also. This is what makes bocce an awesome game as it scales well for more players and groups down to a pair without losing interest or skill required.