3 Best Liquid Chalk for Climbing 2023

There has been a recent rise in the use of liquid chalk for climbing. Research shows that this alternative to powdered chalk is an effective antiseptic against viruses and more – liquid chalk can bring peace of mind while applying the same holds. 

Liquid chalk is also in vogue for gym use. Apart from its antiperspirant hand lotion uses, liquid chalk is also helpful for keeping your hands dry and maintaining grip, especially when you have sweat issues. 

So, if you use a different type of chalk and are currently thinking of switching to the liquid form, read on to learn about the best liquid chalk for climbing.

Top 3: Best Liquid Chalk For Climbing

best Liquid chalk for climbing

You can’t choose the wrong product if you follow our list of the best liquid chalk for climbing. Each of our recommendations comes with benefits that make them ideal for bouldering and climbing applications. 

Here are our top three best liquid chalk options for climbing:

1. Fire Team Fit Liquid Chalk

This formula for a sweat resistance chalk option is an excellent choice for gym use due to its durable, long-lasting base coat. Unlike traditional chalk, it won’t make things messy but rather enhance grip during gymnastics, weightlifting, cross-training, rock climbing, kettlebell workouts, or other sports. Use this 50 ml bottle of climbing chalks to make your grip stronger and stay away from slippery moments!

Things we like

  • Easy application
  • Comes in an airtight plastic container
  • Portable with less wastage and less chalk residue
  • Ideal for a strong grip 
  • It offers a long-lasting grip

Things we don’t like

  • It takes time to dry up 
  • The smell might not be pleasing to everyone

2. SPORTMEDIQ Pro Grade Liquid Chalk 

This premium product from SPORTMEDIQ is what you need to stay active and maintain a good grip during climbing. SportMediQ Liquid Chalk comes with a water-based consistency of hydro cellulose thickener, which allows the liquid chalk and rosin to mix in a suspension preparation. When applied to your sweaty hands, you can feel rosin and a dry feeling within seconds. 

Things we like 

  • Dust-free application 
  • A thick coating
  • Clean formula
  • Superior grip 
  • Quick dry 
  • Does not leave chalk marks

Things we don’t like

  • Need to re-apply for longer use
  • Expensive

3. EVMT Brands Liquid Chalk

If you want to buy firm and durable chalk on a budget, look no further than this EVMT liquid chalk. From gymnastics and dancing to rock climbing and working out, you can rely on EMVT liquid chalk to provide a firm grip. This is indeed a perfect unisex liquid chalk to save your fingers from blisters.

Things we like 

  • Creates a firm grip 
  • Ideal for weight lifting, rock climbing, gymnastics, etc. 
  • Prevents injuries 
  • Improves performance

Things we don’t like 

  • Not suitable for pole fitness 
  • May spill if not carefully handled

Buying Guide: Best Liquid Chalk for Climbing

girl climbing on roc

Below we provide a brief buying guide for the best liquid chalk for climbing. To replace your powder chalk with liquid chalk, you should focus on a few factors, including:


Liquid Chalk with Rosin

Most liquid chalk consists of rosin. Rosin is also called resin, colophonium, or colophony. Climbers apply it to their hands since rosin makes the skin and rock adhere for extra grip. Baseball pitchers even use rosin to grip the ball better.

Rosin is an ingredient in a few varnish formulations, however, this has the opposite effect in liquid chalk because when mixed, it dries to make a smooth and hard surface. Over time, this type of liquid chalk builds up to make an identical polish for both a natural and artificial hold.

Rosin is somewhat controversial, and its usage in liquid chalk has been a matter of concern due to its effects on crags and gyms.

Rosin-Free Liquid Chalk

Rosin-free liquid chalk is quite limited. Available formulations in Friction Labs offer three liquid chalk options without rosin, but with different alcoholic proportions. Liquid chalk from Wild Country is also free of rosin.


Most liquid chalk options are available in a variety of sizes. If you need liquid chalk for consistent usage, choosing a larger bottle will offer you the best value. But, if you are still in the phase of trial and experiment, try smaller sizes that require less of a financial commitment.


Most bottles of liquid chalk come with a snap top, which is easier to open and close. However, these types of bottles tend to jostle open in a gym bag or a backpack. So, in case you are worried about spillage, try to pack your bottle in a polythene bag to maintain your peace.

Larger bottles of liquid chalk usually come with a screw top. This helps to keep the bottle and the product safe and secured. But it can take more of your time to open or close the bottle than a bottle with a snap top.

Make sure that the chalk you buy does not contain extra additives.


Is it better to use liquid chalk than regular chalk?

Whether liquid chalk or regular chalk is better depends on personal needs. Liquid chalk is easy to use, sanitary, and effective, but it can be a bit of a challenge to apply while climbing. 

Nonetheless, if you are someone who struggles with sweaty hands, you should consider liquid chalk.

How long can a liquid chalk bottle last?

Since liquid chalk is available in bottles of different sizes, how long it lasts depends on various factors, including hand size and sweat levels. If liquid chalk is the sole friction aid, you might end up finishing it within a few weeks. 

If you use it less often, a bottle of it could last months.

Can liquid chalk get messy?

No, not really! If you carefully apply chalk in liquid form, the process can be easy and clean. Once it gets fully dried up, there is no chance of liquid chalk spreading on your belongings and clothes more than regular chalk. 

Which is better: Liquid chalk or chalk balls?

When using climbing gyms, some people like to use chalk balls, as they do not spill easily. But, the liquid form of chalks ensures better coverage and provides a lasting solution.

Wrap up

If you follow the above guide, finding the best liquid chalk for climbing won’t seem difficult anymore.

There are different types of liquid chalk products and each of them serves its intended role. From stalwart climbers to boulderers, there isn’t anything worse than attempting to master rock climbing with sweaty and slippery tips. Liquid chalk is a secret tool for climbers, and some products come with special chalk bags.

Many rock climbers apply liquid chalk to fight against sweaty fingers and palm issues. Now it’s time to choose the brand and chalk based on your personal preference. Check the current cost of products and buy the best one for your needs.

Make sure to stay outside and enjoy that fresh air!