What is the Difference Between Spikeball and Spikeball Pro?

There are two different primary sets available to you when you are choosing to start playing Spikeball at home or on the road. These two primary sets are Spikeball Standard or Spikeball Pro, each is aimed at a specific style of player and one will typically suit your needs much better.

What is the difference between Spikeball and Spikeball Pro? The difference between Spikeball and Spikeball Pro is in the quality of the build and the needs of the specific audiences they are sold to. Spikeball Pro is aimed at competitive play and this requires a high-quality play surface that performs reliably, whereas a Standard set is aimed at recreational, relaxed gameplay.

We are going to explore the reasons why you would choose a standard set or the Pro set below to help you make an informed decision. This will help ensure you get the most fun and overall enjoyment from your game, we have also included information on the Rookie set as it is better suited for some players to start with a larger and easier surface.

Why Should I Choose a Spikeball Standard Set?

If you are looking for casual friends and family to play a nice engaging outdoor activity then the Standard Set is more than likely the best option for you to purchase. The Standard set is also almost 50% less expensive for those who are looking to spend wisely on an outdoor diversion and aren’t expecting to try and make a college team.

The Standard Set comes with a regulation size rim, 36″, which is the same size as the Pro Set so your size is still the same. The net quality is good but isn’t the same quality as what is included with the Pro Set but is more than serviceable for long engaging play.

The balls which are included in the Standard Set are durable and light, they are the same size as the Pro balls but have a different exterior which provides less control. The set will come with 3 balls which means you have some to fall back on so you aren’t chasing a ball to keep playing.

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Why Should I Choose a Spikeball Pro Set?

This set is aimed at the true competitive souls looking to challenge themselves against the highest levels of talent and skills possible. It is used for colleges and tournament play across the United States and is made of a much higher quality set of materials adding to durability and reliability.

It starts with the Rim, the rim is the main object within the game of Spikeball and you want a high-quality net that gives a standard bounce and reliable reaction each time you hit the same shot which helps ensure a quality match. With the Pro Set, you get a purpose-built net and rim which is able to be tightened and arranged as necessary to facilitate just this need.

The Pro Set also comes with only 2 balls, unlike the Standard Set, but these two balls are textured and built to give exceptional control and ability to perform more spin and moves while you have contact on the hit. These balls also have a more styled appearance, giving them a professional look.

The Pro Set also includes a one of a kind offer of a FREE registration to a Spikeball RoundNet tournament! This is amazing and is to help get the new player into the tournament scene and to meet players who approach it with a like-minded determination.

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What is the Spikeball Rookie Set?

The rookie kit is aimed at very new players, typically younger ages, where the game ball is larger to make it easier to handle as well as the rim is 45″ instead of the Standard and Pro set at 36″. The aim of this kit is to introduce players to the sport and to start building up the skills which would be needed to play on the standard and pro versions.

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Pros To The Rookie Spikeball Set

  • Bigger Net To Provide a Bigger Target – 50% larger set than a standard Spikeball set for a bigger target for new players.
  • Bigger Ball For Control – 50% larger ball with texture for added control.
  • Additional Game Rule Variations – Includes rule variations for 5 different ways to play and learn the game.

Cons To The Rookie Spikeball Set

  • Time To Adjust Net Tension – There is no reliable way to know if the tension on the net will give a good bounce, sometimes you spend a lot of time tightening the net for the bounce.

Spikeball vs Spikeball pro, Which one is best for You?

Here are the simple table to understand which is best for you.

FeatureSpikeball StandardSpikeball Pro
Net durabilityGoodExcellent
Ball performanceGoodExcellent
PriceLess expensiveMore expensive

Which one is best for you?

If you are a beginner or casual player, then the standard Spikeball set is a great option. It is affordable and durable, and it provides a fun and challenging playing experience.

If you are a serious Spikeball player, or if you plan on using your set frequently, then Spikeball Pro is the best option. It is more expensive, but it is also more durable and performs better.

Ultimately, the best way to decide which set is right for you is to consider your budget and your playing needs.

Final Thoughts About spikeball vs spikeball pro

I personally love the Standard Set I bought and as I am older I have no personal need with the family play to add a Professional set, that given when my daughter is getting closer to high school and college level if she plays with friends I would get her a professional set to help her if she chose to pursue it through to college as it is a growing sport on campuses across the United States, some even want it to become an Olympic sport.

If she was younger I may have looked at the rookie set to help her start building her coordination and skills away from video games and cell phones. I am a large advocate for outdoor diversions and playing games, swimming, hiking, camping and more. Get disconnected and get to playing today!

Interested In Playing Spikeball?

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