Handball: Learn about the Sport and Why it’s Great for You

Handball is a fast-flowing game. The aim is to throw the ball into the opponent’s goal as many times as possible within two 30-minute periods of play. It requires quick thinking and lightning reflexes as players are only allowed three steps with the ball, with a three second time limit.

Handball is an excellent sport that is great for helping build fitness and skills that include things like jumping, throwing, and overall athletics. Along with the fitness side the sport works well to help many generations play together and become more social and also a way to meet new people!

The sport has been around for more than 100 years but recently it has seen an increase in popularity due to its fitness benefits, which have led to it being played on university campuses across America and Canada.

It’s not just about playing though – handball can be great for improving your health too!

Female handball player, Ana Paula Rodrigues, throwing the ball during the game between her team, CSM Bucuresti from Romania and Muratpasa Belediyesi Antalya from Turkey at Bucharest Trophy
Female handball player, Ana Paula Rodrigues, throwing the ball during a handball game

Top Reasons Why Handball is a Near Perfect Sport

There are many reasons why handball is an amazing sport, I can say that in the US I hadn’t heard of it before the last Summer Olympics but have found it to be interesting and simple to play along with being a perfect match for kids versus parents!

Handball is a great sport for all ages

Choosing sport to play typically gets you into games like baseball, soccer, and football but handball is also a great sport that can keep you active and fit. Handball games usually last around two hours, so for those of us who are time-strapped it’s perfect!

It has been shown to be an excellent way to boost fitness levels and agility which makes this game great for all ages, from the youngest beginners playing at school to the adult looking for a fitness challenge.

Handball is a high-intensity sport

Just because a game can be played by the young and the old doesn’t mean it’s not high-intensity as games can become frenetic and hyperactive at a moments notice.

Handball is a fast-flowing game which requires quick thinking and lightning reflexes as players are only allowed three steps with the ball, with a three second time limit in between each one.

It has been proven to be an excellent cardiovascular workout due to its speed and intensity which helps get you a fun, interactive, and varied workout.

Handball is easy to learn and play

Many sports have a rulebook a mile long, but fortunately for you handball only has a few overall rules.

The handball basic rules are easy to understand and follow, so you’ll be able to play with just a handful of people and not need any specialized equipment.

This short rulebook makes it an easy sport to pick up and play with friends or family, especially if you’re on the go as there are many short courts dotted around parks and sports centers.

If you’re interested in playing this fast paced sport, there are a few basic rules that can help you enjoy it even more:

The game can be played indoors or outdoors

Handball is simple and due to this it can be played anywhere with a court.

If you’re in the mood for an outdoor game or if it’s raining, why not head to your nearest park or even beach?

Or alternatively, if you don’t fancy getting wet and are feeling lazy why not just play from inside your house where there must be plenty of space!

Unlike many sports with specific field needs, handball can be played in a variety of locations and surfaces.

You don’t need any special equipment to play it

One reason I like handball is that it doesn’t require anything fancy to play it, unlike most the bigger and more popular sports that require thousands in gear you can play handball with very little cost.

Basically, at a minimum all you need is a ball, there are some specific sizes for ease of holding and throwing, and if you can afford to purchase a set of goals you can open up play locations to near anywhere.

No truly expensive gear or equipment means that handball isn’t limited to just those who have spare money laying around and that can afford it.

If you want to stretch it you can get some inexpensive cones to mark a boundary and then some popup goals for throw into and boom, you can play nearly immediately!!

Handball is an Olympic sport! 

You may have seen handball played in the Olympics, and that’s not surprising because this game is fast-paced with quick reflexes required to move up the field.

Handball is less well known from the Olympics than some of the other sports, but it’s still played by countries all around the world.

In fact, handball was featured as a demonstration sport at both Olympics in Los Angeles and Berlin!

It’s a great way to stay active while having fun with friends!

When you are trying to be healthy and stay in shape, it can be hard to find the motivation to go out and exercise.

Handball is a near perfect game that you play for fun with your friends or family, you don’t have to worry about getting bored because as soon as someone scores, the ball goes back into play!

This allows people of all ages and fitness levels to get involved and play along with the game.

Final Thoughts

Handball is a near perfect sport for all, and this is just one of the reasons it’s so popular around the world and growing each and every day as more people find and fall in love with it.

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