Can You Snowboard On Grass? (Fun Without The Snow?!)

If you just can’t wait for winter or all your snow has melted then you may be asking yourself what you are going to do until the snow comes. Well you can always try your hand at snowboarding…ON GRASS. That’s right, try to take your board that is designed for the snow, on the grass.

You might be asking yourself if you can even do that without getting hurt. The answer is YES, you can absolutely snowboard on grass but you won’t be able to control your board as well as you do on snow and you won’t get as much speed.

Honestly, snowboarding on grass is actually SO MUCH FUN to do, not only for the thrill of snowboarding, but you can capture some very funny moments watching your friends try to navigate grass in the same manner as they try to do for snow.

Can You Snowboard On Grass?

Can you snowboard on grass? You definitely can and it is one of the more fun things to do when there is no snow for you to have fun on. Snowboarding on grass is much different than snowboarding on snow. Even a well waxed snowboard does not slide on grass the same way it does on snow.

When on snow, the edges of your board dig into the snow and allow you to make much sharper and controlled turns in order to maneuver yourself on the terrain. Snow is much more even and consistent and is what your board is designed for, so of course you will get a better ride on snow.

Grass is a much different type of terrain when compared to snow because you can’t get your boards edges to dig down and grip in order to turn like you are used to.

Practice Snowboard Tricks On Grass

Grass Snowboard Jump

Grass is also the perfect training ground for getting your rotations down and getting used to how your body and board move together for spins. Keep in mind that grass grips pretty well compared to snow so there will be some gap and difference when you finally do get back to the snow and start practicing your tricks on the mountain.

If you are really into tricks and want to learn in your downtime, you can even make your own obstacle course of sorts to practice your rail slides and jumps. Just take a look at what these guys made in their off time to practice all their tricks. Keep in mind, falling without the cushion of soft powder beneath you is going to hurt much more than if you were on the mountain.

What Grass Is Best To Snowboard On?

If you want to have some extra fun this spring then you may want to try snowboarding on grass but you need to make sure you pick the right kind of grass and soil combination. Rocky soil or grass with a lot of stumps or sticks will not only scratch and hurt your board, but it will hurt you if you fall, which is much easier to do on non snow terrain.

Make sure you choose some pretty wide open terrain so nothing gets in your way as it is much harder to control yourself when trying to snowboard on grass.

You can expect to get some extra scratches in your board if you decide that grass boarding is the thing for you in your off months, but those scratches are so worth the fun involved in grass boarding. 

The Grass Snowboard (It Is Designed For Grass…Kinda)

If you want to try your hand at a board that is “designed for all terrains” then you can grab yourself a Stikboard and add a set of snowboard bindings to them to have some really gnarly fun in grass. If you could snowboard everyday in the offseason without snow, it would be a no brainer to do it. Check out the video below to see how you can start snowboarding on grass when there is no snow in sight.

Grass snowboarding can be a lot of fun but make sure you always wear the proper gear so you don’t get injured. As I said before, anything other than snow is not as forgiving and can make you have a bad day.

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