How Long Does A Snowboard Last?

Every piece of equipment you use when snowboarding has a life span and will last a certain amount of time. When buying a snowboard, that is one of the many things you should keep in mind when making a purchase. In general, a board will last you a long time if you take care of it and do not do any major damage to it.

For more aggressive snowboarders, their boards last around 100 days. Snowboards last 250 days to a year for most riders depending on how hard you ride and any damage incurred.

Snowboards have the potential to last for several seasons if taken care of properly and not damaged. The old saying “you get what you pay for” applies to how long does a snowboard last as well so keep that in mind when it is time to purchase a new board. Check out the selection over at Amazon for your next board.

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How Long Does A Snowboard Last?

How long a snowboard lasts depends on several factors and just like anything else can last a much shorter amount of time than the average or a much longer amount of time. The general consensus is that your snowboard will last in decent riding condition until it breaks or no longer performs as well as you want it to.

Snowboarding through trees

100 days is a guideline many snowboarders and snowboard shops use to determine when to buy another board because this is typically the timeframe that the ride quality and feel of the board will start declining. I have seen people state that they are using the same board they were using 8 years ago, but again this all depends on how you want your ride quality to be.

When To Replace Your Snowboard

If you are a casual snowboarder then you probably won’t ever need to replace your snowboard unless it has significant damage to it or it just doesn’t ride the same as it used to. Some of the biggest reasons to replace a snowboard are listed below.

When The Snowboard Is Delaminating

Snowboards are made with several layers when first constructed in order to increase durability and maximize speed and response to the rider. When your snowboard starts to delaminate, or the layers start to peel apart from each other, it is time to replace the snowboard. 

This delamination will affect performance and safety as the board will not perform well like it is intended and can cause injury from an unintended crash. Once delamination starts, it is best to retire that board and think about getting another one very soon.

If The Snowboard Is Cracked

One of the most obvious reasons to replace a snowboard is if you have cracked it while riding or for any other reason. Cracks on a snowboard damage the integrity of the boards and can become a larger problem should you keep riding. Once a board is cracked, it is time to replace it as soon as possible to keep yourself from getting hurt.

The Snowboard Has Large Gouges

Let’s face it, we don’t always get to snowboard on fresh powder with no chance of damaging your board. Under the snow we love to board on are jagged rocks that can cause damage to the underside of our boards. Blocks of ice can also cause damage to the bottoms of our boards as well. These can be seen as gouges in the board and can affect the way the board glides across the snow.

Large enough gouges can be felt and can cause unforeseen shifts when trying to maneuver the board on the mountain. You should either replace or try to get the board repaired if you have large gouges on the underside of the board.

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