HK Army Paintball TFX 2.0 – Hopper Review

Today we are covering the HK Army TFX 2 next generation of paintball hopper. The TFX 2 is a new iteration on the TFX and in this case looks and feels similar to it’s predecessor but with more updates and abilities.

The HK Army TFX 2 series is a brand new addition to the HK Army brand. What makes the second generation stand out?


  • Zero Gravity Lift Tray w/ Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • 22+ Average BPS
  • Includes Epic Speedfeed and Full Coverage Rain Lid
  • USB Charging Port and Cable | Battery Meter
  • High Grade Impact Resistant Composition

Video Review


The TFX 2 delivers remarkable quality and performance by incorporating major improvements from its predecessor. By combining top performing features from the original model with multiple technological improvements, HK Army is proud to present a loader that provides users with the best experience paintball has to offer.

Utilizing the unique patented drive system that boasts a consistent feed rate and pairing it with the new Reactive Eye Sensor, the TFX performs better and is more reliable than its competitors. The included Lithium Ion Rechargeable battery and Speed Feed, make the TFX 2.0 the most well rounded loader on the market.


With a perfect blend between synergy of function and style, the TFX 2 can accommodate 200+ paintball rounds within its stock shell. The Zero Gravity Lift Tray is an industry first; the integrated tray increases the volume capacity without compromising the size of the loader shell.

The TFX 2 has a spring activated lift which is designed to elevate and guide paintballs into your feed system. Encased in the lift tray is a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, a battery meter and USB charging port.

As each paintball is shot, the TFX 2 Reactive Eye System activates the patented Swoop Stack assembly to continuously drive paintballs forward into the marker. The 3-layer slip system enables the paddles to effectively agitate and loosen any possible jam to continue feeding. The Reactive Eye System will recognize when the loader is low on paint and signal the assembly to rotate in intervals; allowing paintballs to feed with less interruption.

The Swoop Stack operates flawlessly with all types of paint; oily, dimpled, brittle, and even works perfect with Reballs (Preferably red colored) and other reusable paintballs. The highly advanced technology is not to be mistaken as complicated. The TFX is completely tool-less; the Shell, Tray, and Swoop Stack assembly can be disassembled with ease for quick cleaning.

Completing the package is the extremely sleek and low-profile Combat Contour shell that is constructed of high grade impact resistant material, which will withstand any abuse during play. The shell incorporates a push button QuickLid feature which makes changing from the included HK Army Speed Feed to full coverage lid effortlessly. The electronics are protected with a water-resistant coating to keep you active in snow, rain or shine.  


  • Zero Gravity Lift Tray w/ Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Reactive Eye Sensor
  • Epic Speed Feed
  • Swoop Stack Assembly
  • Hyperlock Tool-less Maintenance
  • Removable One Piece Tray
  • QuickLid Changing System
  • Extra Full Coverage Lid
  • Combat Contour Low Profile Shell
  • Anti Jam Feeding
  • High Grade Impact Resistant Composition
  • Power Button w/ LED Indicator
  • Force Feed Button
  • 22+ Average BPS
  • Water Resistant Electronics
  • USB Charging Port and Cable
  • Battery Meter

Technical Specifications

  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Reactive Eye Sensor
  • Weight w/ Battery – 1.0lb 1.6oz
  • Length – 9”
  • Width – 4.3”
  • Height – 3.9”
  • BPS – 22+
  • Battery Life (Full Charge) – 30,000+ Ball Count
  • Warranty – 90 Days

User Reviews

Looking through user reviews the hopper performed as expected due to the cost in consistent daily use without issue and breakage. Tool-less build allows for cleaning and changes on the fly easy and pain free. The only issues which seem to crop up are for when you use reballs (fake paintballs designed for indoor use) that the hopper will have issues detecting any color other than red. So if you use reballs be aware of this fact and add on some red balls to ensure no issues.

In Summary

You should feel very good about your decision when you purchase the TFX 2 as your hopper as it is highly rated and from a quality manufacturer who supports their hardware well. Definitely make sure that you purchase a quality marker to go with this quality hopper.

I love product evolution in brands where the form factor doesn’t change much but the power contained within it does. This is one of those products where you would love to purchase it even if you owned the TFX 1 as it is better in every useful way.