Trampoline Buyers Guide: Best For Adults In 2020

Looking to find a trampoline for your yard this year and not sure where you should start? Well, we have a solid top three choices that can’t go wrong for you and a complete guide to make your final decision with complete peace and excitement!

In our trampoline buyers guide we will talk about all the details and important things to consider when making your purchase. As in the end, we want to ensure you enjoy your trampoline for years to come and build up the ability to jump for hours!

Our Top Three Trampolines For Adults

Don’t have time to read on?  If short on time these fit all our criteria and will give you years of enjoyable play!

Vuly Thunder Trampoline

Vuly Special Features

As an exclusively outdoor product, a heavy-duty trampoline must be one that’s able to withstand the sun, wind, and rain for 24 hours a day in our backyards.

Not only that, but a truly heavy-duty trampoline must also have a sturdy and well-made frame that’s able to happily bounce much more than the weight of the average person.

Frame buckling and jump mat stretching plagues trampolines that just aren’t heavy-duty. A well-designed base and strong, quality components mean that a Vuly trampoline can take more weight than the average trampoline.

Every Vuly has a 330 lbs weight rating, and that’s the very best out there! Most other springless or coil spring trampolines can only manage 286 lbs and 220 lbs, respectively.

Vuly Site

So many trampolines are built on frames that aren’t designed for maximum stability and use steel that hasn’t been properly treated for prolonged exposure to the elements. The strength in very Vuly lies in the double-ringed frame that’s been twice galvanized and heat-treated.


  • Sturdy, Solid, Safe – The trampoline is a high-quality, well-built piece of play equipment


  • Entrance is Narrow – For Teens to Adults some may experience a tight fit to gain entry

Springfree Trampoline

Springfree Special Features

Their revolutionary springless design has eliminated 90% of product-related trampoline injuries! When your kids are jumping on a Springfree, you know they’re playing safe.

Proven to be the safest option – Springfree Trampoline is the only trampoline tested to pass strict safety tests by two independent consumer groups.

Springfree Trampolines are built like no other. Made from the highest quality materials and designed to stand the test of time so your kids have safe outdoor play every year, all year long.


  • High-Quality Equipment – All of the gear that comes with this is the top tier.


  • Mats Can Be Ripped – If not assembled correctly the mat can get work through

Monxter XT9 Trampoline

Monxter XT9 Special Features

Their trampolines are made with premium materials comparable to the ones in the U. S. Olympics & Trampoline Parks. The safest and smoothest jump for any routine!

Their innovative construction is built to combat even the strongest winds while offering UV protected nets that have been tested to last 10X longer than the industry standard.

Each piece was meticulously designed and independently tested with your family in mind to this MONXTER to be the safest new addition to bring home.


  • Endorsed By Olympians – The Monxter is one of the only trampolines which is endorsed by professional gymnasts.


  • Slow Assembly – Can take 6-7 hours to complete the installation.

Trampoline Buyers Guide: Purchaser Areas Of Focus

Trampolines are amazingly fun and good for adults also as quality exercise. The main things you need to consider though as an adult is getting the right model and size for your needs.

Trampolines come in a great many different sizes and shapes from round to rectangular in shape. Additionally, there are even larger trampolines that can measure in at over 15+ feet long while some can accommodate up to 400 pounds of weight or more.

My point is to get the right trampoline you need to know how to select the right one which is what we are going to guide you through today.

Jumping trampoline with kids in the garden - Trampoline Buyers Guide

Understand Weight Capacity

You need to put some attention into the weight rating on a trampoline when looking to purchase, without the right understanding of your bouncers you may go over this limit which could cause the failure of the trampoline system.

Instead, if you are thinking about having multiple jumpers, or an adult with kids, then you need to look into the higher weight limit trampolines like the Beast.

Safety Net Enclosure

With any adult on a trampoline, they’ll probably scoff at wanting a safety net on the trampoline while they jump. This is due in large part because we feel we “know what we are doing” but this belief is our own worst enemy.

Instead, you want and need a net to make sure you stay safe from stray bounces and to keep you on the trampoline. This is one where you have to let the ego go and just know it is a huge safety concern to get bounced off a trampoline.

What’s the Best Size?

This is a question that will depend heavily on your needs and use case, the first being your space available in your yard, and second is the space you want to have available to jump on.

If you plan to allow adults on it then your trampoline should be at least 12′ in size, though if for the kids there are sizes from 5′ and up that would work out well for their use.

Springs or Springfree?

You will be purchasing a spring-based trampoline in most cases as that is a large chunk of the market due to typically better costs. This is the more traditional manner to have a trampoline and the springs are what help provide that bounce and maintain tension on the mat.

The largest benefit to a springless (or Springfree Brand) trampolines is their safety. Due to their brand name and recognition most Springfree trampolines, you will pay a premium for so you will want to keep this in mind also.

What’s the Best Shape?

There are 2 shapes round and rectangle, we actually have a post all about size and shape here. There is no one size fits all shape and size though as this will depend heavily on space and intended use.

A Square trampoline works well in tight spaces or into the corner of a fence for example and is used by gymnastics lovers. Whereas a round trampoline is a good all-around trampoline that can be used anywhere and places or shifted with ease.


There are a great number of add-ons that can add variety to your trampolines such as basketball hoops, and ladders which can help smaller kids get onto and off of their above-ground trampoline easier.

Notice: You don’t want to have it end up in the neighbor’s yard or break other property as you are responsible!

Additionally from a safety standpoint, you will need to have an anchor kit for most areas to help with wind and to ensure your trampoline can’t blow away. I do highly recommend purchasing an anchor kit to properly secure your trampoline as they can be dangerous in high winds and storms.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is aimed at how quick you can set the trampoline up and does it require more than one person to accomplish it successfully? What you are typically hoping for is one that takes less than a few hours and is able to be completed by a single person.

Are Trampolines Safe for Adults?

Absolutely! There is no reason to be worried about your safety as an adult when using a trampoline outside of the standard issues with mind-altering chemicals, the most common being alcohol.

As long as you purchase a trampoline that can handle the weight you are along with wide enough to not launch yourself off, you bought the Safety Net, right? That with the normal mat and spring cover should give you as much safety as any adult human can expect to get while playing.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this has helped you to understand the need to make this decision an easy choice for you and that you will be ready to take on the burden of maintenance. This isn’t to worry you but to make sure you understand the weight of your choice and that you are ready to do it the right way.

Also, you should check as the insurance can add up, and if you like where it is windy you really need to anchor your trampoline to the ground. Otherwise, I love that you have made this choice and it will not let you down, enjoy it and stay outside!

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