What Are The Different Types Of Disc Golf Discs?

Disc golf is an ever growing sport and chances are that you have several courses in your own town. If you haven’t had the chance to play yet and want to dive right in, then go find a local course to play on to hone your skills, but before you do, let’s have a discussion on what are the different types of disc golf discs because you will definitely want to know the difference between each type as you progress. It is crucial to know what discs are used and what they are used for because disc golf is full of different shots and courses and will require a good knowledge of the game, and the disc involved in it.

There are 4 different types of discs if you count the 2 separate types of drivers. These discs are Distance Drivers, Fairway Drivers, Mid Range discs, and Putt/Approach discs.

If you know anything about golf, you know with the small white balls and the funny shaped sticks, then you may already be clued in to what each of these discs do, but if you don’t, then we have all the information you need.

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What Discs Do I Need For Disc Golf?

What discs do I need for disc golf? I found myself asking that same question when I first started and you really only need 1 disc to play but to play with the versatility needed for every hole or obstacle you encounter, it is best to have a few more. Most people will say to have 6 discs at minimum for various reasons. If you want to take a more in depth look at what discs you need, then check out our article.

People Often Ask “What Are The Three Types Of Discs Used In Disc Golf?”

This is a common misconception that there are only 3 types of disc golf discs to choose from. There are actually 4 types of discs used in disc golf. 2 are technically of the same class but are considered different types. These 4 disc types are:

  • Distance Drivers
  • Fairway Drivers
  • Mid Range
  • Putt/Approach

Some companies have 3 driver categories but these are the main ones and I know you didn’t just come here to see what the different types of discs are so lets break down what each disc is and what it is used for. 

Driver Discs

The first type of disc is the driver disc. Remember when I said there are two discs of the same type? Well driver discs have 2 different classifications and make up 2 of the 4 different types.

What Is A Driver Disc In Disc Golf?

So what is a driver disc in disc golf exactly? Well that is an easy one. These driver discs are used when speed and control are needed in order to “drive” down the fairway as accurately and as far as possible in order to get closer to the hole.

Distance Drivers

Distance Driver

Distance drivers were developed to make sure that players who use the right form and technique, and possess the right amount of power, get the maximum amount of distance possible from their throws. Distance drivers all have different flight characteristics and can be thrown to hook left, right, or flight straight down the fairway depending on their designs. They are designed to travel farther distances at greater speeds and are used for tee shots and long distance shots.

Distance drivers typically have sharp, beveled edges and have most of the plastic around the outer rim of the disc and are thinner throughout the middle of the disc. This allows the disc to cut through the air more efficiently, thus giving you longer throws. Here are a few bullet points to highlight distance driver discs.

What Is A Distance Driver For In Disc Golf?

A distance driver can be used for:

  • Getting the maximum distance possible off the tee
  • TThe greatest range, speed, and control when using the right technique
  • Gliding for longer distances due to their larger wingspan

Fairway Drivers (What Is A Control Driver Disc Golf?)

Fairway Driver
Courtesy of Infinitediscs.com

Fairway drivers are also called control drivers by many players. Fairway drivers tend to give you less distance than a distance driver due to it’s design but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still get great distance out of one of these types of discs. In fact, the fairway drivers of today used to be distance drivers before new innovations were found that created the distance drivers I talked about before.

Fairway drivers are designed with slightly smaller rims than distance drivers and are easier to control because they have less speed potential. They have slightly larger angle under the edge and does not cut the air as well as a distance driver. Fairway drivers are great for beginners because they don’t require as precise of control when throwing in order to achieve desired results. Fairway drivers are a little more forgiving.

What Is A Fairway Driver For In Disc Golf?

A fairway driver can be used for:

  • Consistently driving on the fairway with precision and control. 
  • Making long approaches 
  • Making controlled lines through tight gaps
  • Shorter, more controlled drives
  • Beginners who do not quite have the technique to use for distance drivers
  • Added control and consistency

Midrange Discs

Midrange Disc

Midrange discs give a golfer the added benefit of accuracy and control for the many different types of shots that are required on every course. They are very versatile discs and can be used in almost any situation. Midrange discs can be used as drivers, midrange shooters, approaches and putters. If I were to only play disc golf with one disc, I would use a midrange disc because it has the most uses.

Midrange discs have smaller rims and a flatter profile that are comfortable in most people’s hands and have slightly deeper inner rims than drivers do. These designs help with the midrange disc’s flight characteristics to give you an accurate shot over and over.

What Is A Midrange Disc For In Disc Golf?

A midrange disc can be used for:

  • Accuracy and control for a wide range of shots including midrange shots, approaches, putts, and shorter length drives
  • Their consistent flight characteristics
  • Their ability to perform a wide variety of shots no matter the golfers skill level

Putter/Approach Discs

Putt/Approach Disc

Putt and Approach discs are designed for putting short range and making short controlled shots. They are the slowest disc golf discs and have the thinnest rims which gives them maximum control at short range. Carrying this disc is very beneficial for beginners as it is one of the most dependable flying flying disc types.

A putt/approach disc can be used for:

  • Dependable putts over and over again
  • Their amazing accuracy in short distance situations
  • Short drives 

What Are The Best Discs For Disc Golf?

The best discs for disc golf is based on preference for the most part but most of the big brands like Innova, Dynamic Discs, Discraft, MVP, all have great discs to choose from. The best thing to do is to try out as many as you can to find out which ones you like the best. Below are my favorite discs (so far) but I have not tried every one there is yet.

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My Favorite Discs

My Favorite Distance Driver –  Innova Shryke

My Favorite Fairway Driver – Dynamic Discs Escape

My Favorite Approach – Innova Shark

My Favorite Putter – Innova Colt

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