What Do You Need to Play Spikeball? Equipment and Players

If you are looking to get into Spikeball then you are no doubt trying to find out what gear or equipment is needed and how many people you have to get to play. Today we will be covering this to help you understand which set you should choose along with the different ways you can play based on the available players.

What Do You Need to Play Spikeball? To play Spikeball you require the game kit which is available from multiple vendors, the preferred being the Spikeball branded Round Net. As for players, a standard game is four players but there are ways to bring in only two or three if you are short.

Let’s take a look at the space requirements, the equipment and benefits to different versions and about how to manage your players to get the most enjoyment out of your games. Many people may here Spikeball and think that it is for kids, well this game is most definitely aimed at 18 and over as it is very big in colleges across America.

What Space Is Necessary?

Generally, your main area of play is the center net and the surrounding area typically limited to 10-20′ in diameter. Thought your mileage may vary depending on how full the balls are and how god you can bounce the balls from the net.

This typically will limit the play areas as you need a large flat area that has enough open land for free running in a 360-degree circle around a midpoint. This is a reason why it is loved for outdoor areas like parks and beaches, you also could play it indoor which is why PE classes love to add it as a sport for their kids in school

Outdoor Spikeball Play Areas

  • Beach – A favorite area for many outdoor games the beach is a perfect avenue for Spikeball as it is typically fairly free of obstructions and fairly flat offering an almost perfect space.
  • Park – Parks offer large green grass areas that are perfectly suited to barefoot running and playing.
  • Backyard – The preferred area for many people as it requires little or no travel and many have enough space to manage the large circular space which is needed.

Indoor Spikeball Play Areas

  • Gymnasiums – One of the biggest spaces in any school which will feature large open areas with no obstructions along with ample space to allow running through space as necessary.
  • Cafeteria – Typically a space that has a dual-use with a gym depending on the size of the school, typically removing the tables to get maximum free space similar to the gymnasium.
  • Quad – Outside but typically mostly grass with a large open amount of space available for use in sports.

What Equipment Is Needed For Spikeball?

There are numerous companies which have put out their own “similar” product to Spikeball but if you are looking to get serious and to play in college then it is best to get the original Spikeball Starter Set here, or if you want a little better quality you can get a Spikeball Pro Set here.

Spikeball Set

Most sets will come with the same standard set of gear to allow you to play the game. It is typically composed of the net, balls and a way to carry them with you. If you choose to purchase the pro set you receive the higher quality premium rim and netting along with easier to handle and grip balls and a backpack to carry the gear in.

Spikeball Sets Include:

  • Rim
  • Net
  • Balls
  • Bag

How Many Players Are Normal For Spikeball?

Spikeball is played with four players, two players on each team, which are played opposite of each other to start each point. Once the serve has been successful you are then free to move in a 365-degree area around the playing net.

How Can I Play With Two Players?

Typically this game style is more cutthroat due to the needed area to cover by any single player which makes games move very fast and end quickly. There are a variety of different games which can be played by 2 players which can make this more entertaining.

1 on 1 Game Types:

  • Pepper – To begin one player should serve the ball to the other. Then each player alternates touching the ball up to three times to hit it off of the net. You should give your partner a chance on hit to play defense though as you are training to get better. Keep play moving for as long as possible to push you to your limits!
    • The focus on this drill is to work on your first touch defense as well as learning to read the offensive player.
  • Standard 1v1 – One player serves the ball across the net to the other. The returner has 3 hits to return the ball back off the net. Play continues until one player can’t get the ball back on the net. Typically players will run some of these adjustments:
    • Single Hand Only – Play the game using only one hand or alternating hands
    • Halves – You split the court into two sides and only hit the ball toward your opponent’s’ side
    • Short Game – Create an inner circle around the net that hits can’t go out of, forcing each player to work on their short, finesse game.
  • Jail – Player 1 stands next to the net and Player 2 stands between 6 to 10 feet away from the net. Player 2 should be standing behind a line that he or she cannot cross, but can move along laterally. Player 2 sets the ball to Player 1 who then hits the ball at Player 2. Player 2 tries to aim the first touch as a set back across the net so that Player 1 can hit the ball back on the net and at player 2. If the first touch is poor, player 1 can set the ball back to player 2 who then tries to hit the ball off the net from distance. Once he or she does this, player 1 passes the ball back to them and the game resumes.
    • The intention of this mode is for you to have to move very little to hit the ball back and forth, this again is skill building for better play when you have a full set of four.

YouTube of 1v1 Jail Gameplay

YouTube of Spikeball 1v1 Jail Gameplay

How Can I Play With Three Players?

Three player games are a little more complex and typically become a game of everyone on everyone or one player functions as a setup man on each team, basically allowing a 1 v 1 where the 3rd person becomes player two on both teams. This can help you gain a lot of experience as a setup player for the attack and defense.

3 Player Game Types:

  • 1 vs. 1 vs. 1 – This might be one of our favorite games for when your fourth player is taking too long to put his or her cleats on. Start by one player serving across the net. The returner and the third player are now on a team and have three touches to hit the ball off the net. Once a player hits it off the net, the other two players are now on a team and have to work together to play defense on the initial hit, and hit the ball back off the net. Play continues until the point is put away.
  • All Time Setter – It’s Player 1 vs Player 2. Player 3 is on both teams as an all-time setter and defender. Player 3 can play defense and hit the first touch, but they can never spike the ball onto the net.

YouTube of 1v1v1 Gameplay

YouTube of Spikeball 1v1v1 Gameplay

Final Thoughts

The most awesome thing about Spikeball is the ability to play with a variety of players as each day this could vary. When you have to play short on players you could be irritated or you can use the opportunity to better your play and skills, use the chance to play a little different and build yourself up!

If you have never heard of Spikeball prior to this I would tell you that you are missing out on an exciting game and that you should grab a Spikeball set and learn why the world has been growing towards making this an Olympic sport and it will also let you see why colleges are using it today for sports clubs!

Interested In Playing Spikeball?

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